The Fifth Annual
Marketplace of the future
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September 24 and 25, 2021
NYC + Online
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A World's Fair of Sustainability

Exhibition Images
Exhibition Images
Exhibition Images
Inspired by the 1939 New York World's Fair, The Marketplace of the Future is an annual expo showcasing products and services embodying a sustainable future. For our 5th annual event, we're returning with dozens of start-ups covering the spectrum of climate solutions. From breakthrough renewable energy technology to zero-waste packaging, experience what it's like when a sustainable future meets present. Learn more about our inspiration.
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The 2021 Marketplace Experience

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Our 2021 Marketplace will be our first ever hybrid event. We will begin online where you will meet thousands of attendees and connect with dozens of organizations bringing about a sustainable future, right now. For those in NYC, we'll then transition to our classic in-person classic expo event as the official closing ceremony for Climate Week NYC.
Dozens of Climate-
Conscious Startups
Covering the spectrum of solutions from regenerative agriculture to sustainable fashion.
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Panel discussions
With social entrepreneurs and innovators embodying a sustainable future.
A Digital World
Designed to reflect the world once we've "solved the Paris Accord".
Thousands of Attendees
Climate-conscious citizens of the world eager to meet the organizations creating the future we need.
In-person Afterparty
To close Climate Week NYC with
live music, great conversation, and zero-waste food and drinks.
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Past Events

Multiple Brands
5000 Total
95 Brands
8 Sponsors

The Marketplace Timeline

Our Inaugural event on the Starrett-
Lehigh Rooftop including 25 brands
and 250 attendees
Marketplace Timeline
Marketplace Timeline
Our second year included
40 brands, nearly 500 attendees,
and attracted the organizers
of Climate Week NYC
Marketplace Timeline
The year we became the official
closing ceremony for Climate
Week NYC. It was our first day-long
event and included 50 brands and
nearly 1,500 attendees
Marketplace Timeline
Our pivot test. This was the year
we transitioned to an online event
using the Gather platform. We got to
design a digital model of a sustainable
future and welcomed 50 brands
and nearly 1,000 attendees
Marketplace Timeline
Our first hybrid event including
a digital and in-person events.
This year we're returning as the
official closing ceremony to
Climate Week with a jazzy afterparty
in a swanky Expo space

Past Speakers

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Sarah Paiji Yoo
Founder, Blueland
Sandra Noonan
Chief Sustainability Officer Just Salads
Tom Szaky
CEO, Terracycle & Loop
Mark Chambers
Senior Director, for Building Emissions at White House Council
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Full cycle Bioplastics
Timothy Westbrook
Generation Concious
Kalami Spirit Arts
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